Transforming Freelancing Part 2

Back by popular demand (bullshit, I wrote this and scheduled it before part one went out), here are more unseen bios and story concepts from the wonderful world of 3rd party Transformers toys.

All of the profiles featured here are for the sadly scrapped Mini Warriors line from iGear.  A line which started so strongly that fan demand soon called for the line to be upscaled into more expensive deluxe versions.  Personally, I would have much rather these had continued as small, cheap Mini Warriors as the name implied, but fan reaction is very important to the third party world and they went with the vocal majority, rightly or wrongly, this proved to be a decision which I believe caused the entire line to be scrapped when the Masterpiece version of Bumblebee was announced.  By trying to complete a CHUG line-up, they created their own competition with the similarly scaled MP Bumblebee.  Sigh, what could have been.

iGear Flashlight (Searchlight) igmw4

Flashlight likes to use his front mounted lighting rig to blind his foes, but the intense light generated often leaves Flashlight blinded himself, causing spots in front of his optic sensors and strange colour effects. His vision has been so compromised he is convinced his body-work is slowly turning yellow, and has become so paranoid he has taken to bathing in hydrogen peroxide.

iGear Rimmer (Hubcap)

igmw8Security agents, architects, tacticians, Weapons and Medical Specialists – not all jobs in the great war machine are so grandiose. But where would any vessel be without a level three technician keeping the energy pumps clog free? Arrogant, obnoxious and thoroughly unlikable. Rimmer was responsible for “fixing” the drive plate on Faith Leaders ship moments before it crashed down on Earth.

iGear Stinger (BumbleBee)

igmw11A little known fact, but the body-type that Stinger used on his home planet was commissioned as part of the “robot’s wheels” project commissioned by Horror Monarch to create an unified, energy efficient, easily repairable alt. mode for all robot citizens. Stinger was quick to rid himself of such a heinous vehicle shell, before picking what he thought was a less contentious Earth mode.

iGear Hornet (Wasp) igmw6

A remnant from a divergent time-line, Hornet was left for dead during the great beast era when a great Agenda went wrong. Hornet awoke in 1984 and was reformatted alongside his historical predecessors. He fought alongside them with his new vehicle mode for an entire decade before realising that the reason he hadn’t been shot to pieces in so long was because a time flux error left him out-of-sync with his new comrades, and they couldn’t see or hear him and none of his actions during this period had caused any effect.

iGear Cypher (Glyph)

igmw2An un-sung hero of the great war, Cypher was a specialist in deciphering languages, old and new, alien and domestic. She learned this skill after years of misogynistic oppression kept her hidden away from the front lines she longed for. Her amazing ability to multi-task has always amazed her colleagues, however she has very little spacial awareness and can be quite the liability in vehicle mode.

iGear Submit (Tap Out) igmw12

A fighter from the old school, Submit once went toe to toe with Horror Monarch. No, literally, he barely reached his opponents kneecaps. Although he started out mini, every reformatting seemed to make Submit bigger and bigger, until he eventually ended up the same size as everyone else. Before the war he trained with Rocky, they’ve spent the last three million years explaining how they’re not brothers just because they look the same.

iGear Rocky (Cliffjumper)

igmw9This bot has gone by a number of names over the years, but IT DOESN’T MATTER what his name is, he’s always ready to lay the smack down on his opponents. Famous from his pit duels before the war, he fired his agents and went back to his true calling in life; fighting. If you don’t like this profile, feel free to grab the packaging, shine it up real nice so you can sell it on eBay for a tidy profit, turn it sideways and shove it straight up…the envelope.

iGear Scarab  (Bug Bite) igmw10

His biggest problem has always been in his head…once he finally got one! A brilliant scientist who joined the bad guys after years of bullying from his supposed peers.  He finally achieved great recognition for his works in the sciences but decided to rebel against his intellect by adorning himself in Cyber-graphics, a much disparaged habit usually undertaken by empties and out-casts. Possibly over-compensating for something.

iGear Gold-Stinger (Goldbug)

igmw5Stinger likes to tell people he was shot and rebuilt, it adds to his infamy. In reality his appearance dancing for a Terran television advert led to a few movie roles, and after the third film and countless toy releases, he used his extensive royalties to trick himself out in “bling” colors. This was his first redeco, but he liked it so much he had another 167 paint jobs over the subsequent five years.

iGear Hunter (Chase)

igmw7Once one of the most fearsome trackers on Cybertron, he reluctantly took a transfer to Earth but a resulting space-bridge malfunction trapped him in vehicle mode as a little red sports car, wherein the hunter became the hunted. He was sold to a classy business woman as a normal car, and spent the next two years on the run, relentlessly pursued by a blue hotrod with flame patterns.

iGear Autobahn (Freeway)

igmw1Autobahn doesn’t crash often, but when he does, it’s a mess! He drives everywhere like there is no speed limit, paying only immediate attention to the road directly ahead of him, which often leads to him missing important turn-offs. His team-mates once tricked him onto the Nurburgring and he drove around the circuit for four days before realising it was a lap.

iGear Fender (Bumper – name never officially used) 

igmw3The great also-ran of the war. Fender could be the least consequential robot of them all. How inconsequential? This is his profile: Yellow, small, car.


I hope you enjoy these, they were a lot of fun to write, and I’d rather they see the light of day than sit on my laptop unseen.

As always, thanks to the amazing Cassy Sark for sharing his excellent designs, follow him here on Facebook.

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You can read Part One of this article here.


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