Lucky Draw Black Tracks + Comparison shots

One toy I fell in love with the day I saw it was the very limited edition “Lucky Draw” Black Tracks, limited to just 300 pieces through a special promotion with Million publishing, who were reprinting the Japanese comics as a collection.

Real car, not mine ūüė¶

The Corvette C3 is one of my favourite cars ever, and I have always loved¬†it in black (I’ve almost bought the real thing – a full size, real-life, honest to god, working car – on two separate occasions, and I will own one, one day), so even though at the time of its release it cost more than an entire weeks wages at a time when I really could not afford it, I immediately pre-ordered¬†the Lucky Draw¬†on eBay for $300 (¬£200 at the time).

Toy car, is mine ūüôā

It took months to come in, way after the eBay / Paypal security window, but it did finally arrive exactly as described (although without the sticker on the outside of the white packaging box, which people tells me makes it a factory leak rather than an official prize).

The top box is an unstickered factory leak, the below is a Lucky Draw prize.

The smell of a new Transformer’s rubber tyres out of the box takes me straight back to my childhood, this has always been my favourite thing about buying G1 reissues. ¬†Black Tracks did not disappoint and has been in my collection now for over a decade, it’s one of my favourites but I still remember the day I first opened it and got a whiff of that G1 tyre smell. ¬†I’ve since been assured I’m not alone in this smellstalgia habit, and I don’t need counseling. ¬†Which is nice.

I can’t remember if this came with the Black Tracks I ordered, or if I sourced this separately? ¬†It looks to be the original promo advertising the Lucky Draw release, I keep it framed and I’ve not seen it archived elsewhere on line, so enjoy.

It would only be years later that I would discover the existence of a genuine Finnish Diaclone Black Tracks, which has a lot more grey in the mold than the Lucky Draw and an aqua faceplate rather than the LD gold.  Less than twenty of these have ever been accounted for in the fandom.

Lucky Draw Black Tracks vs Diaclone Black Corvette
So rare, so much money.

Even more years after that would I become aware of the horrible scam involving an attempt to fake a genuine Diaclone, a scam that almost cost an unwitting buyer THOUSANDS of dollars.  I saw the fake in person at Botcon 2012, but was not aware of the proceedings or the attempted con.

The famous Botcon fake.

Thankfully, that scam was exposed by Maz who immediately identified it as a fake. ¬†it’s a brilliant story, one that shows the best and worst of this little toy community we share, I advice you to head over there and check it out.

They never did a black Classics version, and they haven’t announced the MP to date, however, experimenting with dyes and acetone (which I almost poisoned myself with due to poor ventilation and high temperatures) I did make 2 decent customs of CHUG Black Tracks (it took me four molds and much experimenting).

FAKE!  Well, okay, one of my early customs.


What follows is a gallery of the Black Tracks with it’s G1 colour counterparts, as well as it’s custom CHUG buddy.


Notice the random positioning of the heat sticker on Road Rage.
Missiles and launchers still in boxes, on sprues. ¬†Stickers unapplied because I’m just that kind of guy.



Thanks for following my blog, I would also recommend you check out this excellent article by Maz about the Black Tracks vs Finnish Black Tracks.

Archive photos courtesy of Maz, white background images taken by Nico Reznick.

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