Pre-Transformers, Diaclone, and Micro-Change Resource

Over the last few years, I’ve enjoyed branching out evermore into the Takara design back-catalogue, rather than just collecting Transformers branded items.  This has opened the door to my love of big, bulky Brave toys from the nineties, and to the Diaclone and Micro-Change figures that were not utilized in the Transformers line, and beyond!


As a subline to the New Microman line, Micro-Change figures avoided all mass-shifting complications by existing in a 1:1 scale.  Hence they were real world objects such as cassettes, guns, microscope, and Penny Racer deform toy cars.

Like the Takara Transformers releases, most of the Micro Change releases came numbered, whether the Japanese distribution or packaging in their Gig Trasformer (not a typo, and yes it pre-dates Transformers) packaging (although other releases, notably the Diaclone Joustra figures did not come numbered).  A quick look at the releases reveals some familiar faces, the shot below is of the 1984 Gig releases.


Over the next few months I will do various blogs about these toys over at the Kapow blog.

As I do each blog, I will add a link to the list below, the idea being that eventually this will be a great resource for Micro-Change fans, and a great excuse for me to concentrate on this subline and spend some money.  Once this is complete, I will attempt to do the same with Brave toys and Diaclones that didn’t quite make it as Transformers.  This might take a while.

Micro-Change Releases

Ident #, Japanese name in bold, Italian Name italics, Transformer name if applicable

MC01 Micross  Microman  = Rumble / Frenzy mold

MC02 Jaguar Micropanther = Ravage

MC03 Condor Microcondor = Lazerbeak / Buzzsaw mold

MC04 Mini Car Robot Micro Autorobot = Autobot Minicars (these have so many variants they will be separate articles)

  1. Porsche Turbo 924 = Cliffjumper
  2. Sedan Family 1500XG = Bumper
  3. Wagen = Bumblebee
  4. 4WD Fuoristrada = Gears
  5. Jeep = Brawn
  6. Transam = Windcharger
  7. Camion Americano = Huffer

MC05 Camera Robot Microx Micro Macchina Fotografica = Reflector

MC06 Watch Robo Robot Clock (early Watch Q release finally released as a Transformer in 1993, later versions of the mold would be released as branded Transformers as Autoceptor, Deceptor, Kaltor, and G2 Scorpia later in the franchise.  We’ll focus on these another time.)

MC07 Gun Robo M1910 Browning Pistola Robot M1910 = Browning (Japanese only Transformers)

MC08 Cassette Machine Battlebike Micro Motocicletta Robot HG 90

MC09 Cassette Machine Jetheli Elicottero XL 120

MC10 Cassette Man Recorder Robot = Soundwave

MC11 Gun Robo S&W Magnum 44 Pistola Robot 44 Magnum = Kiloton (never released as a TF)

MC12 Gun Robo Walther P-38 P38 = Megatron (sort of, the eHobby black release of Megatron came close, but this version is issued without stock barrels)

MC13 Gun Robo Walther P-38 U.N.C.L.E. Walther P38 = Megatron (as we know and love him)

MC14 Metal Man Sferik Man
MC15 Metal Leo Sferik Leo
MC16 Metal Hawk Sferik Falco

not pictured in the catalogue above are

MC17 Lock Robo Dial Man Luchetto Robot Con Combinazione
MC18 Lock Robo Magneman Luchetto Robot Magnetico
MC19 Binocular Robo Scope Man
MC20 Micro Scope Microscopio Robot= Magnificus / Perceptor (released in red as Perceptor, then black as an eHobby tribute years later)
MC21 Radi-Cassette Robo Radio Robot = Blaster

and a couple of unreleased items that never made it out in any form, which aren’t worthy of a full blog.

MC22 Beam Robo

and an un-named, unreleased Planet Transformer that became something fairly iconic down the road…


Diaclone that didn’t become Transformers.

Great Robot Base
Robot Fortress X
Dia-Attacker / Grandstand Converters Zetanoid
DiaBattles / Diatron
Big Powered
Diaclone Change Attacars / Gig Destroy Car

Diaclone that became Transformers

Diaclone 01 Countach LP500S / Diakron DK1 = Red Sunstreaker
Diaclone Dashers / Diakron & Joustra Aragon, Cromar and Zetar = Transformers Power Dashers


Mecha Senshi / Minispies



Astro Magnum / Galactic Man / “Shackwave” = Shockwave

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