Ultimate Takara Brave DX Resource Portal (ongoing project)

This is a toy resource for those interested in the Takara Brave series (also known as Yuusha Brave), a year by year break down of the toy releases and links to blogs featuring them.  Purely because more people deserve to know the wonder of the Takara Brave toys.
I’m not a big fan of the cartoon, this is primarily for the toys so I’m ignoring human characters and non-toy characters (unless there is a TF equivalent).  I’m going fairly anglicized with this too, sorry if that offends anyone.

Each line is presented below in order of release, and over time each figure will have a blog discussing them.

Brave Exkaiser, 1990

Exkaiser and Dragon Kaiser form Great Exkaiser
Dash Max, Drill Max, and Sky Max form God Max
Blue Raker and Green Raker form Ultra Raker
Dinogeist and the unreleased Geists (Dinobot inspired)

The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird, 1991 (Firebird)

Fighbird and Granbird form Great Fighbird
Ace Baron, Drill Baron, Sky Baron, Aqua Baron and Road Baron all form Thunder Baron 
Guard Fire, Guard Police, Guard Rescue form Guardian. Combine with Guard Wing to form Super Guardian
Death Eagle, Death Tiger, Death Dragon and Draias Jert form Draias

The Brave Fighter of Legend Da Garn, 1992

Da Garn, Earth Liner and Earth Fighter form Da Garn X.  Combine with Gaohn to form Great Da Garn GX
Big Lander, Drill Lander, Turbo Lander and Mach Lander form Land Bison
Jet Sabre, Shuttle Sabre and Jumbo Sabre form Sky Sabre.  Combine with Hawk Sabre to form Pegasus Saber
Seven Changer  (one better than Quickswitch!)
Red Geist (with Transformer Deszaras comparison)

The Brave Express Might Gaine, 1993

Might Wing, Gaine and Locomoriser form Might Gaine.  Along with Might Kiser and Might Gunner they form Great Might Gaine Perfect Mode (reissued in 2005)
Lio Bomber, Hawk Bomber, Dino Bomber form Tri Bomber.  Combine with Horn Bomber to form Battle Bomber
Police Diver, Drill Diver, Jet Diver, and Fire Diver form Guard Diver
Goryu (with Transformer Dai Atlas comparison)
Hiryu (with Transformer Sonic Bomber comparison)

Brave Police J-Decker, 1994

J Roader and Deckard form J Decker.  Duke and Fire Roader form Duke Fire.   Both combine with Gun Max to form Fire J Decker
Dumpson, Power Joe and McCrane form Build Tiger.  Combiner with Drillboy to form Super Build Tiger
Shadow Maru (with Transformers Sixshot and Greatshot comparisons)

The Brave of Gold Goldran, 1995

Dran and Golgon form Goldran, combine with Sora-kage to form Sky Goldran.  Kaiser and Leon form Leon Kaiser, combine with Sora-kage to make Sky Leon Kaiser.  ALL form together to make Great Goldran (reissued in 2005 as Brave Revival, comparison included)
Jet Silver, Star Silver, Drill Silver form Silverion.  Combine with Fire Silver to make Great Silverion
Captain Shark (with KFC Sencho Barbossa comparison)
Death Garry Gun (with Transformers Sky Garry comparison)
Advenger (weird gun attachment for Captain Shark)
Zazorigun (unreleased Scorponok repaint)

Brave Command Dagwon, 1996

Fire Dagwon and Power Dagwon form Super Fire Dagwon
Dag Armour, Dag Turbo, Dag Wing form Liner Dagon. Combine with Dag Drill to form Super Liner Dagwon
Dag Shadow, Guard Hawk, Guard Bear, and Guard Tiger form Shadow Dagwon
Thunder Shuttle and Dag Thunder form Thunder Dagwon (with Transformers Galaxy Shuttle comparison)
Dag Base (with Transformer Grandus comparison)
Gun Kid

The King of Braves Gaogaigar, 1997



G-01:  GaoGaiGar
G-02:  Gao Bracelet
G-03:  Robot Maintenance Base
G-04 – 06:  HoRyu, EnRyu form ChoRyuJin
G-07:  Cyborg Robot (GaoGaiGar pilot)
G-08:  Volfogg, Gun Dober and Gun Glue form Big Volfogg
G-09:  Goldymarg (becomes attachment arm for Gaogaigar)
G-10:  Mic Sounders
G-11:  King J Der
G-12 – 14:  FuRyu & RaiRyu form GekiRyuJin (all four brothers can also form GenRyuJin and GouRyuJin)

Masterpiece Brave, 2006

MPB-01 King Exkaiser
MPB-02 Dragon Kaiser
MPB-1 AND 02 Great Exkaiser 

CMS Brave 
Genesic GaoGaiGar

Thanks to Andy at Kapow for giving my blogs a home where they get more exposure.

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