A Toy History of Impactor, featuring iGear Presser.


Here’s an oddity I just found buried in my emails and decided to share with you all, a profile I wrote for Presser back when that was going to be a thing.  Designed by Cassy Sark as his third or fourth piece for iGear and unreleased after the online fandom complained it was just a KO of Warpath (it wasn’t, it was a completely new CAD build about a head and shoulder taller than Fans Project Defender, only borrowing a transformation pattern from Warpath), Cassy later went on to design Spartan for MMC. As much as I enjoyed MMC Spartan, I still prefer the iGear Presser design and am gutted that it never happened –  equally annoying, I never got to work on MMC Spartan in any shape or form either.  Such is life.

For those not in the know, Impactor was a Marvel UK character who later received more widespread attention when he appeared in Robert’s and Roche’s amazing Last Stand of the Wreckers miniseries from IDW.

It’s a long profile as I had a bit more room to work with on the PP line compared to say, the Mini Warriors line. Enjoy.


PP06 – Wrecking Specialist

“Don’t just finish the fight. Finish all fights.”

As the war continued and despite his best efforts, PP06 Medical Specialist couldn’t save everyone. Some, ancient relics from a time long since lost in the mist of war, refused to upgrade. Others were deemed “P7” – unfit to serve, and therefore disposable in the war engine. Some bots were beyond hope, combat fatigued and lost,unable to remember what they were fighting for.

During the darkest days of the war, weakened, hapless bots were put into combat on the front lines, in lieu of real troops. The idea was these empties, whose chambers barely emitted any light, could serve as a distraction, drawing enemy fire so the Elite cadre of troops could execute more complex missions behind the scenes, safely away from the cyber-trenches.

A rag-tag suicide squad, the wrong stuff, consisting of former cargo haulers, decommissioned construction workers, manufacturers…agents of a peaceful time. The propaganda machine listed them as Felo-de-se, asking that these obsolete models make themselves useful in the war one final time. But amongst the Elite, another name was used, of a more disrespectful nature: Wrecks.

No formal record was kept of this time, or the crew in question. However, Medical Specialist remembers it well, for he was on hand as field medic for one of the most defining moments in the long war.Impactor-Robot_1308164996

One ‘bot, against all the odds, survived several of these high casualty campaigns. Quiet and brooding, he stood by seemingly detached as events unfurled around him, laser shots flying within millimetres of his optics, the carbon flak of war scarring his body, and still he continued as if in an automated state. Slowly, the troops start to rally around him, feeling him invincible. Over time and quite organically, a group within the group emerged, and Wrecking Specialist started to thaw, gradually getting to know his fellow P7’s during the calm between the storms. The group often discussed the futility of the war, and their role in it, but this was quickly dismissed, pragmatists all, they realised “it is what it is”. And so it goes.

During a fateful mission where two of his unit – former warehouse stock controller Rack and his quality control inspector brother Ruin – were damaged seemingly beyond repair, Wrecking Specialist snapped and took charge of the unit.

Co-ordinating his troops using previously unseen combat savvy, Wrecking Specialist managed to not only defend his fallen comrades until they could be saved by an emergency bonding process by Medical Specialist, not only managed to hold the line during what was supposed to be a stalling tactic, he actually managed to turn the tide; forcing his opponents to flee after unleashed unheard of brutality upon them. The Wrecks had seemingly done the impossible, and taken back a valuable, strategic piece of the war-front.

From that day forth, the team within a team was affording more respect, more rank and more privilege, and their former disparaging taunt evolved and became their war-cry. After all, why be wrecks, when you can Wreck and Rule!


And for comparison, here is MMC’s Spartan, which wins the battle of the Impactors by virtue of existing and looking better than the Hasbro offering (also below).





Finally, we got an official Impactor which didn’t look like shit from the Collectors Club courtesy of TFCC 4.0, like the FOC offering above he was also combiner compatible but the base mold was a lot better than the FOC figure.


And that’s the total and complete toy history of Impactor. Sad isn’t it? But hooray for Third Party.

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