My pen name is C Z Hazard, many of you know me better as Sid.  I am a freelance professional writer hailing from the UK, I have novels on Amazon and a Youtube show called Unfunny People In Cars Getting Stuff (UPICGS).  I also write for and about 3rd Party Transformers under the name Ceno Kibble.

As someone who has spent my entire thirty-five year lifetime surrounded by pop-culture of all types, from Garbage Pail Kids at pre-school age to kicking back with Korra in 2014, I have accumulated a lot of knowledge, love and affection for all brands of cartoons, comic-books, video games, movies, TV, toys (specifically Transformers, but also Star Wars, M.A.S.K., Lego, TMNT and anything else my generation has refused to grow out of), and pop culture minutiae.  I have accumulated even more stuff and things over the years.  So much I am at breaking point.

I have worked in and around the comic industry for twenty years, and have been an avid toy collector for thirty years, I have attended the biggest UK comic and toy conventions, taken the geek pilgrimage to SDCC, sold toys all over Europe and the Americas, I have been attended Botcon (the worlds biggest Transformers convention) since 2009, I have toy hunted in Hong Kong, dined with toy designers and manufacturers, and have been lucky enough to travel the world with my nerdiness.

I am incredibly fortunate that my love of toys, media and story-telling have had a huge positive effect on my life and they have crossed over, having had the pleasure of working with a few toy companies to create original characters, bios and fiction to enrich the universe they inhabit.  I am currently working for various 3P companies, and freelancing and whoring myself out wherever I can.

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